Mentor Handbook

Hey! Thanks again for being an InternHacks mentor. This is your handbook which will have all of the information you need to know about being an InternHacks Mentor.  We have a video recorded version of the mentor onboarding if you missed it.  The first thing you should do is get familiar with our Slack.


InternHacks Slack Workspace

This is our virtual HQ! The workspace is where we will do 99% of our communication during InternHacks. This is how you’ll connect with students, organizers and other mentors.

  1. Join the InternHacks Slack
  2. Introduce yourself in #welcome (cross post to the private mentors channel) 
  3. We advice all mentors to join the #helpq channel because it will notify you of any new ticket created by the students.
  4. Please join as many channels that are related to your field as possible. For example, if you can help with python, join the #python channel or If you can help with design, join the #ux-design channel.

Getting Started Checklist 

  • Mentors have access to the private mentors channel. Please ping @bori oludemi, @obum, or @organizers if you’ve not been added.
  • Please join channels that are in your line of expertise. For example if you’re an iOS designer or developer join the #ios channel.
  • We would like for every mentor to have the word [mentor] in your display name. You can also put the name of your company too, this is completely optional. For example Bori (Mentor – InternHacks)
  • All mentors should join the #helpq channel. This is the channel that will have push notifications of questions that will be asked by the students. More on what HelpQ is below


We’ll be using HelpQ, an open source ticketing system, to keep track of the questions students are asking and for better visibility. 

HELPq is real-time help queue and mentor management application,for situations, where there is a need for issues to be claimed and satisfied within minutes. It includes a simple interface for requesting tickets, claiming tickets, and a powerful dashboard for administrating users/mentors and examining metrics. 

You can find our instance at 

All tickets created on HelpQ will be posted on the #helpq slack channel. So please monitor that channel (subscribe to alerts, pretty please) when you’re helping out.

  • IMPORTANT: Please watch this x minutes video demoing how to set up your helpq account. You’ll need a Github account. If you don’t want to create a github account, please reach out to @obum or @borikanes and they’ll set you up with a username and password

Please view this 4-minute video on how to use HelpQ as a mentor

Mentor Types

  • Technical Mentor
    • Provides technical assistance, code reviews and provides feedback
  • Design Mentor
    • Provides UI/UX help and feedback
  • Product Mentor
    • Helps with project ideas and breaking down projects into sizable chunks?

Getting Involved

Slack Questions & General Support

Answer questions on slack channels and pick up support tickets through HelpQ!

Mentor a Team

  • Team mentors work with at least one InternHacks team from start to finish. As a Team Mentor you will be in a private slack channel with your team and we ask that you commit to;
    • An introductory kickoff call where you meet the team and they meet you. You can also use this call to get a sense of how the team is thinking of their project.
    • Weekly Group Check-In 
    • At least 1 1:1 with each team member some time between week 2 and 5 of the program.   

Scheduling events

There’s an update to how we want you to schedule your events. Apologies for the initial confusion

  1. Go to our calendly and create your event. Three things happen once you do this
    • A calendar event is added to the InternHacks shared calendar
    • A calendar event is also added to your calendar
    • Two slack notifications are pushed to the #calendar channel. One for the calendly event itself and the other notifying the students that an event has been added to the IH calendar. Please Note the times posted on slack are in PST so don’t be alarmed if the time isn’t exactly what you put in. 
  2.  Go to the event in your personal calendar and update the hangout link with your personal link. This ensures that you’ll be the host of the event and not InternHacks. This will prevent the need for having an InternHacks organizer at all events to let every participant in. 

Office Hours

Host one of our weekly office hours in your area of expertise.

For example; you can host office hours on product/project ideation, iOS development, web dev, api creation & integration, UI/UX design, and front end design. 


Be featured in one of our weekly slack AMA’s where we discuss your career journey, work and take general questions from the students! 

Technical Workshops 

Have a passion for a particular product or technology, host a technical workshop on the topic. This is also a great opportunity to plug your company or an open source project you love!

We really can host any kind of virtual event on any relevant topic including Resume Reviews, General Career Advice & anything else you can think of.

To sign up for your events/sessions, head on over to our Calendly and set up a time that works for you and your schedule. We send an alert to students every time a new event is added and reminders are also automated in Slack during the lead up so students so that they can join your session.

That’s right, once you schedule your event on Calendly based on your availability, you are done, we’ll take care of the rest!

Code of Conduct 

Our general program Code of Conduct can be found here. 

Specifically for mentors we have two simple rules

  1. Build genuine connections and friendships. We are all here to help the students first, being a Mentor for InternHacks should not be part of your job hunt process (although it would be cool if you landed a sweet gig due to IH). 
  2. The golden rule 🙂 

If you notice anyone not adhering to our code of conduct or not following the two rules above please let us know! 

We’ll update this handbook as we go and more things come up. If you notice something missing, give us a shout.