Featured Project: Bundle

We're continuing to feature our interns' great projects from InternHacks. Read to learn more about Bundle!

Continuing to feature InternHacks interns’ amazing projects, the URx Team would like to introduce Bundle.

We caught up with Sarah Ng, InternHacks intern, to learn more about the great project she and her teammates made. Sarah is a rising junior at Rutgers University double majoring in Information Technology & Informatics and Cognitive Science. She’s passionate about design and hopes to become a UI/UX designer in the future. Some of her hobbies/interests are drawing, volleyball, listening to music, fashion, Harry Potter, and everything Disney!

Sarah and her teammates, Shriya Nimmagadda, Shin Yoon, and David Gama created Bundle. Here’s what Sarah had to say on her project!

URx: What’s your project about?

Sarah: Our project, Bundle, is connected to Slack through a Slackbot. This allows for easy accessibility, as someone can call the Slackbot which will then automatically create a room that everyone can join by clicking the link. While we aimed to have 3 games completed by the end of the program, we ran out of time and were only able to complete the 2 Truths & a Lie portion. Nonetheless, we are extremely proud of this project!

URx: What problem were you trying to solve with your project?

Sarah: The problem we were trying to solve was the lack of connection through virtual teams and employees. With COVID-19 causing many employees to work from home, many people lose the socializing aspect that comes with working in the office. Everything being virtual makes it hard to connect with your co-workers and teammates, so we decided on creating a centralized platform geared towards employees to help tackle the lack of social interaction online.

Thanks to Sarah for letting us know more about the incredible project you made! To check out Bundle, click here.

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